Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 1965

New piece in progress.
This is the first one of a series that deals with memory, its loss and degeneration.
I've yet to figure out how much i will work on this particular panel. I know it needs a bit more work, but not too much.

I worked on it a bit more. Also made the colors a bit more faithful to the actual piece. I need to get a better bulb...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Heavy Rain

So on new years, I was invited to be part of a team of artists that paint on stage during the Heavy Rain Youth Conference.

It as an interesting experience.

These are the two pieces that came from being up there. They are acrylic on corrugated cardboard because sometimes you have to make due with what you have at hand, haha.

New Piece

After some time, i finally finished this.

It is a smaller piece (24"x14") and the technique is a little different as well.
Instead of using the regular acrylic and ink, I used oil. I found that the colors are more accurate to what I have in mind. This also means however, that the colors have little room to change, or be themselves (so to speak). I will continue to incorporate this method to my larger works and see where that takes me.

Works on Paper: Acrylic

One more that did not fit.

Works on Paper: Acrylic

These are some works I have made during worship at church.
They are practically sketches done in about thirty minutes or so.

They are more meditative and looser than most of the stuff i usually do.
I figured i would post them since they are very different and also haven't posted anything for a while.