Monday, August 16, 2010

Art and the lack thereof

It's been a while since I've posted anything.
I suppose this is because it's been a while since I've made anything.
I have no excuse for it though. I have had the time and I have had the energy. I just chose to do something else.
I can't promise I'll post anything soon. But I can promise that I will have lots of ideas of stuff that I will want to make.
This is what this post is about. Another the ideas I've had. Some will be old ideas, some will be new. Others will be one I have though about while writing this.
Here we go.

The memory thing is still an idea that I want to develop. The landscape and buildings idea is the more plausible one because it is not only easily conceived, but it carries the potential to be the most profitable. People like small landscapes. And they are relatively quick to produce. They also serve as excellent practice in color and agility.
Another is the ink wash idea. Which ties in directly with the previous one.
There is also the "people at work" idea. A series of portraits mostly from memory, of the people o encounter at work. You won't beloved the kind of characters that come along this place.
There is also the furniture idea. I've wanted to make furniture. With the main project being a couch. Designing and building it would be fun... I think. But it's always been in the back of my head.
Then there is the "document people of the street" idea. This one is somewhat riskier, considering the kind of people I want to interview. Mainly drug addicts. I think it would make for fascinating stories, which could be placed in a sort of handmade book and typewritten in an old typewriter (redundancies are redundant...and fun).
Also, the "make a movie" with friends idea. This one would be more of a messing-around kinda thing. Where me and a couple friends just go around and shoot video. Of anything. For fun. I guess one could argue that this isn't particularly artistic, but with a title like 'things that happen' I think it could get a few views on The tube of You.
I have also thought about just taking pictures of the city. I suppose this ties into the landscape idea. With the exception that this is photography, which happens to be the specialty of a few friends of mine, but I wanna do it. Cause I can. So there.
And lastly... (Well, not lastly since I will continue to have ideas) I want to make a comic about myself. I feel like I have to do at least one page of an autobiographical comic to be a real art school grad. I think I have enough interesting (to me at least) stories to make a couple panels. Also, I was inspired by Scott Pilgrim. Yay.

Well, there you have it. The potential for a few moths, even years of work.

And all I have to do, is do it...